Makeovers can work miracles. They boost a woman’s self-esteem; give a glimpse of just how good she can look. So, who better to create a make-up range than the experts from New ID photographic studios who work with thousands of real women every year gaining valuable insight into what they want and need from their cosmetics. 

‘The aim was to create a range that simplified make-up applications’, explains Director and Founder, Kelly Colman. ‘We listened to hundreds of New CID make-up artists, sharing insights they have picked up from making up real women, in fact over 60 000 women that came into our studios throughout the UK in 2009. These women felt than make up shopping can be overwhelming with too many fashion-led shades which aren’t always wearable or easy to apply’. My vision was to team clever colours wrapped up in innovative packaging with colours that would enhance  a women’s beauty built around the feedback we receive daily from our studios.

So, New CID Cosmetics was unveiled to fill that gap in the market.

Today, it is still shaped by the experience of those make-up artists, who listen to what their clients have to say about changing trends and the skin changes that we encounter as we age. ‘New CID Cosmetics is the only range in the world which has a creative team made up of hundreds of working make-up artists but made completely with the customer in mind’, explains Kelly. ‘The team passes on expert knowledge and insider tips to us every single day at Head Office where they become the basis of our product innovation’.

  • A product range development in the UKs leading makeover studios
  • The brand has been inspired by the tens of thousands of real women we makeover every year
  • Clever colours wrapped up in innovative packaging
  • A capsule collection of cosmetics offering multi-functional products
  • Colours suitable for all skin tones and ages
  • CEW & UK Beauty Award 2010 Finalists
  • Available in luxury spas & salons and selected UK department stores
  • Professional Studio Secrets on all product packaging