Medik8 Face protocol

Medik8 Cleansers

Medik8 Cleansers feature an all round purifying foaming wash suitable for all skin types, an innovative anti-bacterial foaming wash for acneic skin, AHA exfoliating foaming wash for acneic sensitive skin types and a cream-based cleanser for mature and dry skin types. All paraben and SLES free.
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Prevent Cutting edge antioxidant formulae

Preventing free-radical damage to the skin´s collagen and elastin matrix is a must in any anti-ageing regime. Medik8 anti-oxidants feature the very latest innovations including unique patented ingredients with proven activity.


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Stable all-trans-Retinol formulae and more

Highly stable forms of all-trans-Retinol help to repair collagen damage diminishing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. With melanin inhibitors for hyperpigmentation. And telomere extenders for anti-redness. Medik8 Correct products go to work on your ageing skin.

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Anti-ageing pro-collagen hydrators

Protect the skin from photo-ageing and hyperpigmentation with our broad spectrum SPF25 moisturisers. At night, use our Resveratrol and Beta Glucan version to intensively rejuvenate photodamaged skin, renew skin texture and help to improve the appearance of tired skin while you sleep.

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