Guinot Specific Skin Care

Gentle Eye Cleansing Gel - Make-up removing gel, which strengthens the eyelashes

hydra démaquillant yeux
Gently removes eye make-up from eyelashes. 
No prickly sensations during cleansing. 
Suitable for contact lens wearers.

Moisturising Eye Cream - a continuous source of hydration for the eye contour

hydrazone yeux

Provides a continuous source of hydration to the eye contour thanks to hydro-liposomes 
Hydrates and smoothes eyelids and crow's feet. 
Rejuvenates the appearance of the eyes.



Intelligent Cell Renewal for Eyes


More than just youth care, Intelligent Cell Renewal for Eyes creates new cell activity using the energy of ATP, the biological energy molecule.

- The vitality and firmness of the eye contour are improved. 
- Wrinkles and crow's feet are visibly smoothed. 
- The eyelids are toned and look lifted.


Youth Eye Lift Cream

longue vie yeux

Restores a youthful appearance to eyelids and eye contours.

- Youth effect in the heart of the cells. 
- Smoothes and refreshes eyelids.


Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel - Heavy Eyelids, Shadows, Bags

anti-fatigue yeux

Double action: against dark circles, drains and helps prevent under eye 'bags'

Reduces signs of fatigue.

Refreshing effect, which makes heavy eyelids feel more comfortable.


Instant Eye-Mask - anti-fatigue mask which reduces dark circles

masque yeux

Double action care: smoothing effect on crow's feet, draining effect on heavy eyelids.

Cooling gel for an immediate anti-fatigue action.

Lessens the appearance of dark circles.

Rejuvenates visibly the eyes.


Firming Vital Neck Care - neck firming cream

longue vie cou

More than just a firming cream, this product has a specific action on the neck, helping to knit the epidermis back together and reinforcing the skin's elastic structures.

- Rejuvenates the look and texture of the neck and décolleté. 
- Visibly reduces the depth of wrinkles.


Vital Lip Care - Luscious lip beauty care

longue vie lèvres

Plumping and nourishing cell regenerating care.

- Smoothes the appearance of wrinkles on the lip contour. 
- Prolongs lipstick hold.