Guinot Rejuvenating

Base Vital Antirides

base vital antirides

Through instant deep-down anti-wrinkle action, Base Vital Antirides facilitates the renewal of cells, which make up the foundation of the epidermis.

Smoothes the appearance wrinkles, protects the skin and recreates the radiance of young skin.


Crème 888 Vital Anti Rides

crème 888 vital anti rides

Deep instant anti-wrinkle action, which enables skin to regain its youth, by reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Visibly fills wrinkles. Recreates cell vitality. The skin regains suppleness and comfort.


Pleine Vie

pleine vie
Slows the effects of ageing by compensating the deficiencies of mature skin. Awakens cell activity and vital skin functions through a reinforced anti-radical action. Recreates the radiance and comfort of young skin. 
Reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Age Logic Cellulaire

age logic cellulaire
Recreates the appearance of young skin by providing the 56 active ingredients essential to cell life. They are necessary for the renewal and the longevity of cells.

Longue Vie Cellulaire

longue vie cellulaire
Recreates young skin by providing the 56 substances vital to cell life, which are necessary for the renewal and the longevity of cells.

Time Logic Age Serum

time logic age serum
Promotes regeneration and skin cell activity during the night. 
During the daytime, the skin looks younger and glows with a new radiance.

Sérum Longue Vie

serum longue vie

Thanks to the richness of Guinot's Cellular Life Complex, Sérum Longue Vie activates vital functions, resulting in skin which appears younger.

"Perfuses" youth active ingredients, which trigger vital functions.

Restores and prolongs cell vitality.


Masque Vital Antirides

masque vital antirides

 Dermostimulines-DNA smoothes lines and erases signs of fatigue.

- Effect: the skin and the complexion appear younger.


Acti Rides Flash

acti rides flash

The dermo triple ball roller allows for in-depth smoothing of the epidermis and surface wrinkles.

The densifying effect of the serum's active ingredients on the connective tissue of the dermis enhances a instant solid foundation for tissue.


Youth Time

youth time
Enhances the complexion and restores its natural shine. 
Visibly smoothes facial features. 
Strengthens skin elasticity. 
Available in 4 colors ideal to suit all skin tones.


Time Logic Age Serum Yeux

time logic age serum yeux
Smooth and protects the contour of the eye. 
Blurs the signs of aging. 
Dispels the signs of fatigue.


Crème Riche Vital Antirides 888

crème riche vital antirides 888
Visibly smoothes wrinkles and lines.
Visibly revives and restore radiance to the skin.
Intensely nourishes the skin.

Crème Vital Antirides

Deep rejuvenating skin care for all types

crème vital antirides
Visibly smoothes wrinkles and lines.
Visibly revives and restores radiance to the skin.
Rejuvenates the appearance of the face.